If you would like to support us, write to us today: forum@lifetalk.co.za

Life Talk Forum’s initiatives rely on sponsorships and funding.  The more funds we receive, the more communities we can help through books, talks and workshops. Your assistance accelerates everything we do!

As a Sponsor you nominate where you’d like your funds to be allocated. Your options include sponsoring:

  • Tug of Life and Life Talk books for poor schools and communities, for your staff or other groups.
  • Advertising campaigns. By selecting relevant Tug of Life® themes you could jointly promote positive choices whilst highlighting your products or services within the realm of e.g.: Tug-of-Work, Tug-of-Health, Tug-of-Teens, Tug-of-Parenting or the Tug-of-Environment.
  • Talks for children, parents, educators, young adults or your workforce
  • Life Talk facilitators in different centres
  • Other options which suit you.

Become an Agent or Facilitator?

Being an Agent includes options such as:

  • Promoting and selling Life Talk and Tug of Life books and services within your city or country; or
  • Setting-up and managing a network of agents who promote and sell the books and/or services

You can apply to be a Facilitator if you:

  • Are a psychologist or counsellor specialising in the topics that Life Talk and the Tug of Life covers.
  • Have excellent public-speaking and workshop skills, and are committed to quality and integrity.
  • Are passionate about making a positive difference to our world.
  • Have entrepreneurial skills whereby you can market your services and generate the income you require.

All sponsorships enable Life Talk and Tug of Life to make an even greater difference to our youth, and to society as a whole.


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