Thandiwe McCloy, Uncut LoveLife

If there’s one book you’d be smart to hold on to your whole life through, it’s this one!

Fr Theo Macupe

“This is the best, most practical and down-to-earth book for young people that I have come across!”



Andre Kraak, principal, Steenberg High

I wish I’d had Tug of Life long ago. It would have changed my life!’



Eugene Nkabinde, DRUM magazine

If you don’t have the answer, you’ll find it in this book



Cardinal Wilfrid Napier OFM Archbishop of Durban

Tug of Life is an invaluable and life-changing methodology - all our young people and families should use it!"



Andrew Cook, Principal, Mitchell House.

I am still glowing from all the good things that parents and heads have said to me about the impact you made

Peta-Ann Chipps, director Student Welfare, Grayston Preparatory school

The session was fantastic! The children really enjoyed it and took some valuable tips from it. So did the teachers!”

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Our mission is to empower all young people to make life-enriching choices; equipping parents for proactive parenting and inspiring families to thrive.

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The Life Talk series consists of Life Talk for a Daughter, Life Talk for a Son as well as Life Talk for Parents. The series comes highly recommended for anyone who needs a thought-provoking book for teens, or parenting advice (especially related to teens). All of these can be conveniently purchased directly from the site and delivered to your doorstep.

The Tug of Life empowers your children (from the age of 10 to adult) to make good choices throughout their lives. Whether you want to buy this book for yourself or as a gift for your children, find out more about it over here. We encourage people to actively live with the book, scribbling notes and revisiting the various sections depending on current and future challenges they are facing.

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Are you experiencing a specific problem and need some advice or help? Our News & Advice section covers various topics, including:

  • Peer pressure, bullying, discipline, teen depression, binge-drinking, drugs, leadership skills, relationships, divorce, sex, teen pregnancy, dating, dangerous games, STDs/STIs, angry/rebellious teens, gangsterism, parenting help/advice, choices , enhancing family/teen communication, teen problems and more.


Similarly to the section above, our  newsletters cover information for parents about raising children and teens as well as tackling various issues and challenges. Have you signed up yet? Encourage your friends to do so too.

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