The Tug-of-Life®

The Tug of Life is an entertaining and uniquely written game plan for life that helps you to unpack life’s complexities by identifying its challenges and solutions. Utilizing its own vocabulary and cartoon illustrations by renowned cartoonist Tony Grogan, this thought-provoking guide applies simple and easy-to-understand concepts that lead the reader on a journey to achieving the various goals and outcomes that every one of us strive for.

The Tug of Life is written in Izabella’s distinct, non-judgemental and thought-provoking style. This time she personalizes life’s challenges, helping readers to identify their choices, challenges and dilemmas, and to highlight effective solutions and plans of action. She explores the various ‘tugging’ contests that every person faces during life, and identifies all the ‘contestants’ involved. Topics range from everyday matters such as values, relationships, studies and keeping fit, to pressing concerns like drugs, alcohol abuse, crime, peer pressure, AIDS and high divorce rates.

The Tug-of-Life’s sections cover the scenarios and contestants that take part in the:

  • Tug-of-Teens
  • Tug-of-Young Adults
  • Tug-of-Work
  • Tug-of-Marriage
  • Tug-of-Health
  • Tug-of-Spirit
  • Tug-of-Environment
  • Tug-of-Parenting
  • Tug-of-Age

The content is of relevance to every individual, from the age of 13 to 100. Adolescents will soon be young adults, possibly heading for the work or marriage ‘field’, striving for wellness, spiritual fulfilment or a healthy environment – and older adults may be engaging with their work, marriage, health, parenting tasks or the realities of getting older. This book empowers you to take control of your life, helps you to be proactive and assists you in achieving the outcomes you want from life.

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