Life Talk with God (youth version)


Growing up in the world today is no joke, and others don’t always understand what young people are going through. How do you react when your buddies want you to join in their drinking game? What do you say when the person you’re dating wants to take things too far? Are you someone who considers bullying to be entertaining? And what career will you choose? Do you have what it takes to make the right choices?

Life Talk with God is a unique and indispensable resource for young people (teens and young adults alike), offering insight, straight answers and godly wisdom to help you through the tough choices of love and life. A total of 85 topics are discussed, ranging from light and practical issues to the toughest stuff, and include contemporary issues such as:

Career choices · Mental struggles · Social media   · Happiness & success

Sexuality & relationships · Drugs, binge-drinking & pornography · Depression

Peer pressure · Cyberbullying  · Divorce    · Self-harm   · Money matters

Izabella Gates works with hundreds of young people and she really does understand the issues and challenges you face. She tackles your dilemmas and questions with candidness, in an engaging, thought-provoking and relatable way. Life Talk with God inspires and empowers – and demonstrates why no issue is too small, or too big, to talk to God about.

In the words of one reader “This book is unique because young people don’t know how to ‘get real’ with God in this way. This book is about being real and it guides us by opening our hearts to healing and love in areas we don’t feel we can talk about with other people. It’s a life-changing book!”

“This is the best, most practical and down-to-earth book for young people that I have come across!” – Fr Theo Macupe

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Izabella Gates discusses teen issues and challenges (and how to talk to God about them) on Focus on the Family’s broadcast

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