As highlighted in recent media features, drugs are extremely easy to obtain. On school playgrounds, at shopping malls, clubs and parties, most kids know where they’re available. And they’re affordable.

According to a behavioral health specialist, alcohol and smoking are often the entry points. Whilst tipsy, a teenager is offered a joint and the slide begins. Smoking “green stuff” is seen as cool by many kids and they don’t realise the danger they’re playing with, find out more about how drugs work in the body to teach your kids. Nowadays, it’s often laced with stronger drugs, such as heroin, and addiction grips fast. Such cases often leads to diverse effects in teens and young adults, which demands helplines for alcohol addiction and addiction to other drugs.

Discussions with teens can prove quite hair-raising. Many of them don’t classify dagga as a drug and many plan to one day try “weed”. This includes disciplined, informed teenagers, not just rebellious kids with wild backgrounds.

In reality, none of us can ever assume that our kids are totally immune to the danger of drugs described at – it’s in most of the places they frequent, and it cuts across all income, cultural, religious and schooling spheres.

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