These frequently-heard words can create a dilemma for parents. Especially when it comes to clubs and our under-age teenagers.


Clubs serve alcohol. Drugs are available. Drinks get spiked. Schools implore us not

to let our children go. And yet so many kids (from 14 and younger) regularly go to

clubs. Many clubs don’t enforce the age restriction. Fake IDs are used to get into those

that do. Sadly many parents help their children make the fake IDs. And they let their

kids stay out till the early hours.


Peer pressure reigns supreme when it comes to clubbing. Pressure on teenagers

and on parents. If we say “no”, we’re made to feel as if we’re depriving our child. We

struggle between what our consciences and schools advise, and what our teens and

other parents pressure us for.


Parental dilemmas and emails include decisions about when it’s time to let go. Do

we hold on strictly till school ends, and watch our kids go wild after school? Do we let

the rope out slowly from Gr 12, 11 or 10? If our child really is the only one not going,

what effects might it have?


Counsellors suggest that if all parents stood together there would be no dilemma. If

we jointly encouraged other forms of entertainment, supervised activities, parties and

excursions – the clubbing pressure would ease. And the drinking would reduce. Is this

not something we should all discuss and implement?

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